Light & Life Worship:
Representing the beauty of God's created diversity.
8:30 AMSwahili Worship Service
Engaging and energetic worship with a traditional African feel for those with Swahili as a primary language.  Other central African languages represented as well.  

9:00 AMSpanish Service and Teaching
Teaching, training, and study offered in Spanish for those most comfortable or wishing to learn in Spanish.  Also live-streamed through Facebook.  Please contact the church office for more details at

10:30 AMEnglish Worship Service
Lively worship, engaging and bringing all cultures together with English as the primary language.  Live-streamed on Facebook at Light & Life Phoenix.

10:30 PMJapanese Nichigo Service
Worship, teaching and training offered in a small group format with video for those desiring to learn in the honored Japanese "Nichigo" setting.

10:00 AMLight&Life@Prayer
Weekly gathering for uniting hearts and minds in prayer.  Please contact the church office to submit prayer requests and to find out if the gathering is currently meeting in person, or online.  Phone: 602-264-4339  Email:

7:00 PMEnglish Bible Study
Weekly Bible study in English for those wanting to grow their faith.  Currently not meeting due to Covid.

7:00 PMYouth Connections
Music, food, games, fun and teaching to help teens experience the reality of God in their everyday lives.   

7:00 PMSpanish Bible Study
Weekly gathering led in Spanish to uncover the truths of the Bible and apply them to daily life.  Also live-streamed on Facebook.  Please contact the church office for specific details.  Phone: 602-264-4339  Email: